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  The company is a large enterprise with specialty in making high quality Polyurethane squeegee for screen printing.It was founded in 2003, after more than ten years of hard management, innovation, has become the leader of the squeegee industry. In order to better develop the company, shenzhen branch was established in 2005 and Vietnam THIN MAU trading co., LTD was established abroad in 2016
      We utilize advanced foreign production equipment and apply top techniques and materials both domestic and imported sources, manufacture high strength, solvent resistant products. Out of which type III squeegee can substitute all imported products.
      This type III squeegee product is based on more than ten years of research and development done by experienced engineers in this field.   
     We follow the concept of innovation and hire the best technical talents, apply our strong financial position to make the most feasible squeegees for the screen printing industry. We welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and partner with us.

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